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Pleasure is the Pathway to Power.

Imagine this...  What if the shame you see and feel surrounding Sensuality and Pleasure were all misguided? 

 What if the body judgment you were subjected to was merely because of their projected insecurities? 

 What if the religious constructs you were boxed into have done nothing but hold you back from your true self?

What if you had the audacity to orient your life differently?

You're in-tune self. Your sensual self.

You’ve been questioning why you’re holding that self back. Why your days are dominated by your service to others while you fall onto your couch at the end of a long day feeling nothing but wound up and unsatisfied. You’re questioning if there is more. You’re questioning how to embody all that you are. Mind, body, and spirit. The first step in merging the three is understanding that pleasure won’t be the goal, but the foundation. There is work to be done in connecting you to your sensuality. I use movement accompanied by other exploratory pleasure practices to help you navigate your journey of working through your emotions and embodying confidence and vibrancy.

  •  Cultivate an intimate and profound connection with your body.

  •  Step into a life that unleashes a sexually invigorated version of YOU; one that you don’t feel self-conscious of but empowered by.

  •  Discover the version of you that pursues every endeavor with confidence. Whether in your work, sex life, or family life, you’re infused with the confidence to stand for what you want.

  •  Learn how to establish nourishing daily lifestyle habits and pleasure rituals that fuel your mind, body, and soul.

  •  Rewire the way you think of yourself.



  •  Can you afford to continue to lie to yourself about what you think of your confidence? Your worth?
  •  Can you afford to not trust your own instincts by remaining disconnected from your body and stepping into situations that you later regret?
  •  Do you really want to continue living a life where you won’t ever truly experience pleasure in intimate settings?
  •  Do you really want to waste another day wearing the badge of busy and being highly productive yet feeling rigid and stagnant inside?
 I already know the answer. I just need you to be brave enough to say it.

"Lily is amazing and she really helped me unlock things that were holding me back from living my best life. In addition to the internal work, the dance and movement has helped me to feel more comfortable and in tune with my body than I ever have."

Megan M.

"This work isn't just about dancing sexy, you learn what it takes to make you feel empowered as a woman."

Gaby C.

"Before working with Lily, carrying myself with confidence & charisma every day was a struggle. My shyness often got in the way of living up to my full potential. Lily's knowledge and guidance has been a blessing on my journey to becoming a more confident version of myself."

Jaymie H.

"I don't match the picture of what's supposed to be sexy and confident. I've struggled with body image and body awareness. Finding community through Lily's work has made me feel encouraged and boosted my confidence ."

Asr B.

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Girls Empowerment Network , Girls Rock Austin , Boss Babes ATX , Youth Rise Texas , Urban Health Expo , Breast Cancer Resource Center


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