I help women move....

Our ancestors believed in the capacity of dance to heal and transform. They danced with equal passion in the winter and sunshine days of their lives. They danced to honor, celebrate, mourn, instruct, and live life more richly. I help women move so they can start listening to their bodies. When you are attuned to the body, self-trust builds, relationships strengthen and confidence grows.

Hi, I'm Lily

Something about me

For me, movement has been the key towards self love and supreme acceptance of myself. In 2015, I moved to Austin and used my 20 years of experience as both an entertainer and an instructor to start Lily Shepard Moves. I am in a constant state of gratitude for being able to share my love of using dance, introspection,and community as a means to empower.

How can I help you?

We are built for love, success, pleasure, and pure magic yet so many of us walk around feeling undeserving… of love, of success, of excellence.  Your sense of self-worth should come from the knowledge that your inner wisdom is adequate to serve you, no matter what the situation. The body holds that wisdom. I help women access that wisdom in their bodies through movement.

"Lily is amazing and she really helped me unlock things that were holding me back from living my best life. In addition to the internal work, the dance and movement has helped me to feel more comfortable and in tune with my body than I ever have."
Austin, TX

Recent writing


Up until my mid 30’s all of my sexual experiences were with people I was in committed relationships with, except for one passionate island fling while studying abroad in college. My friends were going through various stages of thier sexual exploration and while I could listen in non-judgement and enjoy the tea I could never…

I’m an average dancer.

Yep. In terms of technique I am quite mediocre. Middle of the pack. Less than outstanding. And I’ve known this for quite some time and I am very proud of the fact that it never stopped me from pursuing the art form that I feel I was born to do. I got the earliest inkling…


This was one of those pivotal moments I thought only happened in books or movies. An exact moment in time where you can pinpoint when something changed, when you knew that you would never look at things the same way. When I opened up that cabinet under the sink and saw boxes and boxes of…

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