This was one of those pivotal moments I thought only happened in books or movies. An exact moment in time where you can pinpoint when something changed, when you knew that you would never look at things the same way. When I opened up that cabinet under the sink and saw boxes and boxes of … Read more

Fuck your Woo Woo’s

Maybe it was my fault for thinking I could just treat dance as some side hobby , something to do just for fun. After all I had bombed my audition at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, so maybe a career in dance wasn’t on my horizon. When I got accepted to Virginia State … Read more

The Fear of Powerful Women

What is it about a woman knowing exactly what she wants that terrifies and disgusts the masses? Maybe it’s the fact that you cannot shame a woman who own everything about herself. You can’t weaponize the truth against her. You can’t get her to see herself as anything less than who she is because your … Read more

Everything I know about men…

… I learned in the strip club: Lessons in Dating Strip clubs can be fun and magical places. The combination of women, music and alcohol make for a highly sexualized fantasy world in which both men and women can get their needs met. The exchange of currency for titillating entertainment and attention are the same everywhere … Read more

The Cruise Of Lies

Let me tell you about the Cruise of Lies.   This photo was taken on our first family cruise(which would become an annual tradition). I had made the decision to divorce my husband. My daughter was 3 years old.   A few weeks earlier I had gotten the call that set everything in motion. A … Read more

Living According to YOUR vision

The year was 2003, I had gotten my very first Vegas gig and you couldn’t tell me shit. I didn’t know at the time that they were only looking to fill one spot and I’m glad because there were so many dancers and I probably would’ve been nervous. I got the spot and it was … Read more

How to Make a Home in Your Body

You’ve spent most of your life locked in your head. Thinking, ruminating and worrying, only attending to your body if it demands your attention, or you want it to do something for you. You’ve been looking outside of your own body to feel at home and it’s led to a distrust in your decision making, … Read more

The World Is Your Stage

My greatest strength has always been in performing. I love to choreograph and bring out the best in others and I love being a student of dance in general but it’s in taking on the task of trying to convey something to an audience where I’m most at home. I’ve always loved dancing in front … Read more

A Note About Self-Trust

Trust: That when your body says rest, it’s time to rest. That you will feel energized and spring into action when the time is right, no outside motivation needed. That you do not need to be in constant motion to be productive. That if you’ve been doing the work, the opportunities will present themselves. That … Read more