Married AND Free

I’m lucky in the sense that I never observed any controlling behavior in my parents’ marriage. I never heard “ Where were you, Are you wearing that, You shouldn’t have bought that” etc.  I didn’t grow up with the whole the man is the head of the household and the woman is a subordinate mentality. … Read more

Dodging Bullets

Between the end of my long term relationship and my move to Austin I began talking to a guy. Let’s call him Mr N.  I wasn’t really interested in a relationship, more just peeking my head out a little bit. He was in a Facebook group that I was active in that discussed issues facing … Read more


Up until my mid 30’s all of my sexual experiences were with people I was in committed relationships with, except for one passionate island fling while studying abroad in college. My friends were going through various stages of thier sexual exploration and while I could listen in non-judgement and enjoy the tea I could never … Read more

I’m an average dancer.

Yep. In terms of technique I am quite mediocre. Middle of the pack. Less than outstanding. And I’ve known this for quite some time and I am very proud of the fact that it never stopped me from pursuing the art form that I feel I was born to do. I got the earliest inkling … Read more