How to Make a Home in Your Body

You’ve spent most of your life locked in your head. Thinking, ruminating and worrying, only attending to your body if it demands your attention, or you want it to do something for you.

You’ve been looking outside of your own body to feel at home and it’s led to a distrust in your decision making, lack of confidence in yourself as a sensual being and an inability to regulate your nervous system.

When you are at home in your body you are connected to the intelligence outside of your brain. You are in tune with sensation, intuition and instinct.

And being in tune leads to confident decision making, the ability to be present and an abundance of sensual pleasure.

Come on home sis.

Sit down, take your shoes off, pour yourself some tea and get comfy.


1. Notice


Make a habit of noticing what is happening in your body and how it feels in response to different stimuli or lack thereof.What does it feel like when you are breathing deeply? When you get angry? When you’re aroused? When you are perfectly content? Start to notice.


2. Practice Devotion

This body serves you. It may not be able to do everything you want it to, it may not look the way you think it should and it may be holding on to trauma you’ve experienced in the past. But it’s functioning and carrying you through life every day. Doesn’t that deserve your loyalty?\


3. Use Kindness/Re-frame

The Golden Rule. If you don’t have anything nice to say…. furthermore, if what you’re thinking isn’t nice, re-frame it. I find myself constantly re-framing. Earlier today I was talking to my cousin about an upcoming trip and saying “yeah I’ve really been working on my body so when it’s time for the trip I’m gonna be READY” I caught myself and had to follow up with ” Actually, I’m gonna be ready to celebrate REGARDLESS of what my body looks like on that day!”


It’s not easy to change old thought patterns and break out of societal norms. It takes time and patience but it can be done. And the peace that comes with feeling completely at home in your body is absolutely worth it .

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