Pleasure is the Pathway to Power



How might you begin to tap in? 


Through S.A.S.S

(Supreme Acceptance of your Sensual Self)


A 6 Week Program 


Illuminate your path to being a complete sovereign womxn. 

A womxn who feels her joy and power independently of:

her circumstances, other people or society’s rules


Imagine this…


What if the shame you see and feel surrounding Sensuality and Pleasure were all misguided? 

What if the body judgment you were subjected to was merely because of their projected insecurities? 

What if the religious constructs you were boxed into have done nothing but hold you back from your true self? 


Your in-tuned self.

Your sensual self.


You’ve been questioning why you’re holding that self back. Why your days are dominated by your service to others while you fall onto your couch at the end of a long day feeling nothing but wound up and unsatisfied. 


You’re questioning if there is more. 


You’re questioning how to embody all that you are. Mind, body, and spirit

Let S.A.S.S. lovingly show you how…

The first step in merging the three is understanding that pleasure won’t be the goal, but the foundation. 


There is work to be done in connecting you to your sensuality. I use the movement of dance and other exploratory pleasure practices to help you navigate your journey of working through your emotions and embodying the lessons. 


The S.A.S.S method does this by: 


  • Cultivating an intimate and profound connection with your body.
  • Inviting you to step into a life that unleashes a sexually invigorated version of YOU; one that you don’t feel self-conscious of but empowered by.  
  • Discovering the you that pursues every endeavor with confidence, whether in your work, sex life, or family life, you’re infused with the confidence to stand for what you want. 
  • Teaching you how to establish nourishing daily lifestyle habits and pleasure rituals that fuel your mind, body, and soul


You see, you don't need outside validation to become your true self. Your sexy self. Your bold self. Your YOU.  


The truth is... in learning that there is a profound brilliance in your ability to make decisions for yourself, there is no longer the temptation for another being or entity to have power over your mood, thought, or actions. 


Allow no one to tell you how to feel about yourself. 


You are what you decide to be. 


Reclaim your personal power.

Melissa M.

"I came to Lily after going through a rough breakup. I was feeling really insecure and wanted to remember who I was and feel good about myself and my body again. Since working with Lily through the S.A.S.S Method I’m wearing shorts for the first time in 10 years, I’m not speaking negatively to myself and I’m confident in my body without the crutches of alcohol or the party scene.”

Melissa’s transformation has been a groundbreaking one to say the least, and it’s these results that inspire me to keep teaching. The ideology of relinquishing our power as womxn because our bodies make us a target is something that is doing nothing but holding us back. 


You deserve to end the negative self-talk constantly running in your mind.


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Step Into S.A.S.S.

Rewiring the way you think of yourself and embodying the confidence that’s begging to explode requires some adventure because rediscovering yourself should never be considered work. 


Every Monday you will receive a video assignment to be completed by the end of that week.


  • Week 1: Your Vows
    • We start our journey together with a promise for how you will treat yourself and publicly declaring your devotion to yourself.
  • Week 2: Sacred Adornment
    • Your body is more than just a viewable pleasure for others, it’s the house of your inner spirit waiting to be expressed! This exercise will show you how to make a ritual out of adorning yourself.
  • Week 3: Shadow Integration
    • There is a way to integrate the true radiant, sensually assertive self you are into everything you do without being ashamed of the “darker parts” of you, and shadow integration will teach you how.
  • Week 4: The Art of Savoring
    • Here we slow down and learn how to stop and savor every beautiful facet of your life: food, drinks, laughter, ambiance...we cover it all! 
  • Week 5: Boundary Mapping
    • Your energy is sacred and this week is used to teach you how to appropriately create clear boundaries with people you know, like and love.
  • Week 6: Pleasure Pathway
    • In this final week, we work on creating a self-care strategy that prioritizes putting pleasure ON THE CALENDAR so that your needs are continually attended to.






Bonus: You will receive access to Lily's Movement Playground, my digital library of dance classes & tutorials to align your inner work with a physical practice for a fully embodied transformation.



Chantrelle C.

The S.A.S.S program was groundbreaking for me. It gave me a process and a practice to what I always hear but never know how to do."

Vanessa B.

"The whole S.A.S.S process is empowering because of how it adds in movement. But it's not about getting choreography it's about embracing yourself and your sensuality."

Megan M.

"I can't recommend this course enough. I've never felt more comfortable in and in tune with my body. Lily really helped me unlock things that were holding me back from living my best life"

Start showing up fully confident in a world that will no longer dictate your comfort zones. 

Start embodying such confidence that you wear what you want without hesitation. 

Start enjoying a satisfying sex life.

Start living. 

Investing in yourself after investing in nothing but those around you for years, can feel like a risk, but consider the greater risk waiting on the other side. 


  • Can you afford to continue to lie to yourself about what you think of your confidence? Your worth?  
  • Can you afford to not trust your own instincts by remaining disconnected from your body and stepping into situations that you later regret? 
  • Do you really want to continue living a life where you won’t ever truly experience pleasure in intimate settings? 
  • Do you really want to stay locked into the trap of diet culture and subconsciously pass on body image issues to your children?


I already know the answer. I just need you to be brave enough to say it. 

Hell Yeah, I'm IN!

S.A.S.S. is different than so many programs out there because this journey you’re embarking on is an intimate and complex one. One that deserves full attention to detail whether it be to your mind or body. 


This is why the assignments in S.A.S.S. are experiential and not just intellectual. 


These assignments ask that you actually engage in activities that support the journey. 


The movement classes you'll find in the Playground will help you to retain the information in your body and not just understand the concepts cognitively. 


In a mere 6 weeks, you will be stepping out of this program feeling a deep connection with your body. 


And because you’ll forever be evolving, you’ll also walk away with practices that you can implement moving forward so that you can ensure you’re continually anchored in your sensuality as you journey through life. 


In 6 weeks, you’ll be feeling more free and alive; more complete.

Ready to greet life as the sensual woman you truly are?

Ready to cast away the guilt and shame you were mistakenly taught? 

I'm Ready